Easy Lifestyle Changes that can make your depression go away

September 18, 2019 0 Comments


If you have been feeling tired for no reason, or having trouble sleeping at night, and don’t enjoy things like you usually do or get easily irritated over little things, there is an 80% chance you could be depressed. Hear me now! Depression left untreated, tends to get worse and worse.

And If you aren't ready or don’t want to take medications that are hard on your body or leave you suffering from side effects, you can try changing your lifestyle first. In the next few paragraphs, am going to share with you some easy lifestyle changes that can make your depression go away.

And to Begin;

The very first lifestyle change you can make that has a huge impact on your mental state is getting more exercise. Exercise raises your endorphin levels, which in turn make you feel good. Daily exercise can actually help to reprogram your brain and keep your depression at bay. Exercising for 30 minutes each day is best, but studies show that even walking three days a week raises your endorphin levels and leaves you feeling better.

Once you work exercise into your routine, the next thing you can do to ease your depression is to get enough sleep. When you’re depressed it can be hard to sleep, but not getting the sleep you need tires you out, drains you and leaves you more depressed.

When It becomes a vicious cycle that is hard to break. Try setting a routine for yourself. Go to bed at the same time each night and don’t let yourself sleep during the day. Don’t eat, watch TV or work on the computer for two hours before bedtime. This trains your body to sleep at the same time each night.

Healthy eating does wonders to ease depression. A diet full of junk food and soda drains vitality from your body, leaving you feeling flat and empty. Eating sugary foods to make yourself feel better has the opposite effect. You may feel better at the moment, but after you consume the sweets you feel tired
Eating a healthy diet gives you strength and energy, and in turn, makes you feel less depressed. Try eating foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids like salmon, spinach and tuna. Clinical research shows that Omega-3s can alleviate depression.

Finally, start a routine and stick with it. Structure gives you purpose and prevents you from spending your days aimlessly floating around. Make a schedule for your day and don’t deviate from it. Be sure to make time for exercise and one to two activities that bring you pleasure, like gardening or having coffee with friends. Think of your schedule as a blueprint for the life you want to be living. A good routine won’t leave you time to be depressed.

When you make these changes to your lifestyle, you alleviate your depression and become a healthier person. Depression doesn't have to rule your life. Battle it head-on and take control of your life again. Once you start incorporating these techniques into your life, each day will seem a little brighter. Soon you’ll feel like yourself again.

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