Personal Development : 10 quick tips to becoming a better You

October 10, 2020 0 Comments

It may take some of us until the beginning of a new year to see the need in making some necessary life adjustments; we would rather keep dwelling on our shortcomings and losses as if there was ever better time to start exploring one's dreams, skills, and motivations. 

Before you let yourself fall into depression, it would be better to create or adopt some personal development tips to help you boost-up inner strength.

If this was the reason you clicked on this page, in this article I would share with some personal development tips that have helped me in becoming a better person. I may not be able to guarantee the similar result, but I think you should however, check out this list and make your adjustment to suit your condition 

Personal Development

When you’re not feeling as good as you should? 

It’s not uncommon to experience this kind of feeling at some point in our lives. However, every time you find yourself feeling down, try focusing on something positive in your life. Take a deep look into your soul and your spirit to get a full understanding of who you are. 

You may not be able to make any personal changes if you don't know what you are working with. You need to take this very serious, and expect many different emotions to come up in the process 

Depression strikes all of us sometimes. The best solution in overcoming this type feeling is finding the spark to rekindle your social live 

Cross examine yourself more often 

Take a self-audit of yourself, and be responsible enough to own every part of it; even the bad aspects that you simply may currently have. 

To really make significant growth in your personal development effort, you would need to really understand yourself and love yourself for who you're. And do all that is required to change the bad aspects; Just loathing yourself will only hamper your ability to change. 

Give yourself a routine. 

Depression and other similar negative moods are often caused by boredom, stress, etc. Creating a routine for yourself and sticking by it can eliminate many of these factors that can create negative feelings in you. 

You can take a little time out of your day to hang out with friends who always have something positive to say or get some exercise – a routine walk in the park or bike ride would be good enough. 

Set goals that are clear and are really going to help you in many aspects of your life. 

Your first successes may not have to be a major success - start small and grow tall. Give yourself simple and specific goals to succeed in, you'll find them easier to accomplish. Set for yourself a realistic time frame, and then find out what you need to in order to attain success. 

Once you're able to achieve this goal, you will begin to discover that you can succeed in anything you put your mind into. As you keep setting goals for yourself, work towards achieving them. Remember start small and grow tall.

Stay focused. 

Train yourself to be focused. It's very easy to get distracted from one’s goals by life events and circumstances, but if you train your mind to stay focused on your goal, you'll definitely attain significant success regardless of what. 

Don't be like those who let their dreams fall by the wayside. Don't let that happen to you. Keep your focus at all costs. 

Hunt for good articles about personal development

Reading personal development book by popular authors can help you gather more insight and advice which will make a difference in your life forever. 

Find a book on personal development with great reviews because many are written poorly. If you’re not a huge fan of reading, you could watch some YouTube clips on personal development. 

Also remember; it's entirely acceptable to be less than perfect. 

Perfection leaves no room for learning or improvement, yet these are two most important aspct of life that will make life so exciting and enjoyable. Assess your imperfections; work out what would be their likely effects on your life. More than likely, you'll find that even your flaws shape who you're and the way you live. 

Identify all your fears in life, both major and minor 

Fear can arise from past, present, or future events. To overcome fear you need explore the various ways you were able to overcome past adversity that could be a possible solution for your current situation or problems to prevent future hurdles or develop a contingency plan. 

Keep your Anger in check 

One way to regulate your feelings of anger is to ask yourself whether your anger or reaction will have any impact on the source of your rage. Doing this; you will come to discover that whatever it is that seems so important now, has little or no significance to what happens within the future. 

If you still can’t get a hold of your anger, take time out to exercise or use this popular and effective means to battle with anger. Get a bag filled with sand and beat on it. When you are stressed out, you will find yourself releasing endorphins that will make you feel much better about life. 

Be patient with yourself 

No matter what you are aiming to achieve, the best way to go about improving yourself; is by taking things one day at a time. Try and improve and aid your recovery every day. Treat each day as a brand new challenge and you will find yourself feeling better in no time.

Self-care is never a selfish act--it is called good self stewardship. This is the only gift I have, the gift I was put on earth to offer to others..